1. To put a human face to the food stamp issue: I am on Disability. I am seeing doctors and have something wrong with my spine, nerves, brain. I only have doctors now due to coverage through Disability. I only live through what I get via Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. That equals 817 a month. My rent, utilities, transportation, and cel phone equal roughly $650 a month. (public housing and section 8 is all but disappeared) Gym membership and bank fees, another $35. That leaves me with less than $150 to live on a month. I would literally end up malnourished if I didn’t get the $200 a month for foodstamps that I do. I refuse to be ashamed of being poor just for being ill. There are a lot of people in my position, most of whom are veterans and/or senior citizens. Cutting Food Stamps is greedy, and politically sociopathic behavior.
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