1. I am selling three paintings on eBay. Each painting has a starting bid of only $30. Each is 16” by 20”. Each was painted predominantly by my left hand, because my right has been in a state of decline for a number of years.

    Why? I mean, yeah, I’ve got a lot of medical bills, and I’ve got to save up to see new doctors, buy some server space again, etc… but really, that’s not why I’m selling them. I need to get used to the idea of making art regularly and sharing it with the world, instead of hoarding it and resting on my laurels. I need to remember that I make art to scream myself at the world, not to mumble to myself in a mirror.

    So here. I offer my art to you, at a ridiculously low starting price.

    Please, do repost this. I’d appreciate it. 

    (Source: rachaelnoelfox.com)

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