1. 1984
    Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art
    Master Scupture Class
    Newark, NJ

    My mom just found and scanned in the group photograph for me. There’s me, the smiling kid. My mother, Colleen Gallo, is the blonde on the right. We cast statues in plaster to create a scene of an old timey train station for display at Newark Penn Station. The statues have been bronzed, and are still on display. I am one of the figures, my mother is another, and artist Irv Docktor is one as well. 

    For reference, I’ve added some photos I took of the statues a few years ago, and a news clipping I found in my Gramma’s attic.

    (Source: rachaelnoelfox.com)


  2. Three days growth. #self


  3. Because one of you was awesome enough to buy my brain MRI, I was able to order THIS. #23andMe


  4. I about an hour after I left the hospital for the procedure ON MY NECK, I was informed of massive bruises on the backs of my upper thighs. Here’s what they look like. I’ve no idea why they exist. #mysterybruises


    a performance piece by Coralee Lynn Rose.
    filmed and edited by Rachael Noel Fox.


  6. Coralee Lynn Rose performing “Lipstick” at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival
    Seattle, Washingtom
    May 30th - June 1st, 2014
    © Rachael Noel Fox


  7. A trip to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.
    Seattle, Washington
    May 28th - June 1st, 2014
    © Rachael Noel Fox

    (Source: rachaelnoelfox.com)


  8. Feeling like a disgruntled Sontaran is inevitable with my new cervical collar on! Also, comfy!


  9. Laika the spacedog, drawn in metallic pens and sharpie. #drawing #drawingdaily #sketchbook


  10. Filthy and about to shower, I look like a vampire from the 70s.


  11. Last night’s #drawingdaily. #tegan #mara #dw #drawing #marker #brushpen #snake


  12. Saturday night’s #drawingdaily is from the end of a trippy night, taking the subway home at 5am. #drawing #nyc #subway (at New York City, NY)


  13. Last night’s #drawingdaily challenge: realise at 3am with sleeping pills kicking in that I’ve got to draw something; choosing as my model the not yet asleep and moving-a-lot fellow, and sitting on the bouncing bed beside him to draw. Also, #lefthanded.


  14. Again, here’s a sketch of Jiz Lee as Spider Jerusalem for Dr Sketchy’s. #lefthanded


  15. Back when Jiz Lee posed as Spider Jerusalem for Dr Sketchy’s. Here’s one of my sketches.

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