1. Because one of you was awesome enough to buy my brain MRI, I was able to order THIS. #23andMe


  2. I about an hour after I left the hospital for the procedure ON MY NECK, I was informed of massive bruises on the backs of my upper thighs. Here’s what they look like. I’ve no idea why they exist. #mysterybruises


    a performance piece by Coralee Lynn Rose.
    filmed and edited by Rachael Noel Fox.


  4. Coralee Lynn Rose performing “Lipstick” at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival
    Seattle, Washingtom
    May 30th - June 1st, 2014
    © Rachael Noel Fox


  5. A trip to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.
    Seattle, Washington
    May 28th - June 1st, 2014
    © Rachael Noel Fox

    (Source: rachaelnoelfox.com)


  6. Feeling like a disgruntled Sontaran is inevitable with my new cervical collar on! Also, comfy!


  7. Laika the spacedog, drawn in metallic pens and sharpie. #drawing #drawingdaily #sketchbook


  8. Filthy and about to shower, I look like a vampire from the 70s.


  9. Last night’s #drawingdaily. #tegan #mara #dw #drawing #marker #brushpen #snake


  10. Saturday night’s #drawingdaily is from the end of a trippy night, taking the subway home at 5am. #drawing #nyc #subway (at New York City, NY)


  11. Last night’s #drawingdaily challenge: realise at 3am with sleeping pills kicking in that I’ve got to draw something; choosing as my model the not yet asleep and moving-a-lot fellow, and sitting on the bouncing bed beside him to draw. Also, #lefthanded.


  12. Again, here’s a sketch of Jiz Lee as Spider Jerusalem for Dr Sketchy’s. #lefthanded


  13. Back when Jiz Lee posed as Spider Jerusalem for Dr Sketchy’s. Here’s one of my sketches.


  14. Tonight’s #drawingdaily! (day 3) I give you, Negative Donkey!


  15. Lefthanded drawing of Rod Serling from 3 years ago.

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